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 reverse hybridization assay (rha) - labo bio-medical products b.v.
Strip-based reverse hybridization Probes can be immobilized on nitrocellulose strips as parallel lines. Each line represents a specific probe. After hybridization and stringent wash, specific hybrids can be detected by colorimetric reactions.

 stripassays - viennalab diagnostics gmbh
The principle 1st step: Isolation of genomic DNA from bodily fluids, tissue or cells. 2nd step: Multiplex PCR amplification of specific DNA sequences and simultaneous biotin-labelling. 3rd step: Precise selective hybridization of specific sequences onto StripAssay ®.

 reverse hybridization test strip. | download scientific diagram
Reverse hybridization test strip. | Download Scientific Diagram Content may be subject to copyright. Reverse hybridization test strip. Source publication Amplification refractory...

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 molecular diagnostics for the detection and characterization of ...
Reverse hybridization. One of the most simple-to-perform methods of detecting a variety of pathogens, ... The abbreviations on the left side of the reverse hybridization strip correlate with the species or groups on the right side of the strip. MAIS, Mycobacterium avium-M. intracellulare-M. scrofulaceum; MTB, M. tuberculosis.

 validation of a reverse-hybridization stripassay for the ... - pubmed
Validation of a reverse-hybridization StripAssay for the simultaneous analysis of common alpha-thalassemia point mutations and deletions Clin Chem Lab Med. 2007;45(5 ... The entire procedure from blood sampling to the identification of mutations required less than 6 h, and hybridization/detection was manual or automated.

 molecular detection, identification and drug resistance detection in ...
As in other reverse hybridization assays, amplified products from a multiplex PCR assay will hybridize to specific oligonucleotides immobilized on a membrane strip. The GenoType Mycobacterium is based on regions of the 23S rRNA gene; after PCR amplification, hybridization is performed on the oligonucleotides immobilized on the membrane strips, and results are interpreted based on the ...

 in vivo investigation of diode laser application on red complex ...
The specific DNA probes for the reverse hybridization are fixed on a membrane strip. ... After being washed twice for 1 min with water, the strip was dried between absorbing papers, ...

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