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 hepatitis c diagnostic testing
Diagnostic tests for hepatitis C include serologic assays that measure human antibodies generated in response to HCV infection and molecular virologic assays that directly detect HCV RNA. The third-generation HCV EIA test is the most frequently used antibody test to initially screen for HCV infection.

 rt-lamp-based molecular diagnostic set-up for rapid hepatitis c virus ...
NAT-based POC HCV tests include the Roche COBAS Taqman HCV test, the Hologic Aptima HCV Quant Dx assay, the Cepheid GeneXpert (not FDA-approved in the US), the Veris (Beckman), the Realtime HCV (Abbott), and the Gendrive (WHO pre-qualified).

 at-home hepatitis c tests | everyday health
When a person is infected with hepatitis C, their body produces certain proteins, called antibodies, which help fight the virus. HCV self-tests work by detecting those antibodies in a blood...

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 hepatitis c test -
Hepatitis C RNA test: RNA is a type of genetic material from HCV that can be detected in the blood. If test results are positive after an antibody test, doctors use an RNA test to look for and/or measure the amount of the virus in the blood. Qualitative tests can detect the presence of HCV RNA, while quantitative tests measure the amount of HCV ...

 diagnostic tests for hepatitis c - gretch - 1997 - hepatology - wiley ...
Diagnostic tests for hepatitis C can be divided into the following two general categories: 1) serological assays that detect antibody to hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV); and 2) molecular assays that detect, quantify, and/or characterize HCV RNA genomes within an infected patient.

 laboratory test kit, laboratory assay kit - all medical device ...
for molecular diagnostic (1) for neurological diseases (1) for pancreatic cancer (1) for prostate cancer (1) for pulmonary infectious diseases (1) for quality control (1) for rheumatic diseases (1) multiparametric (1) pharmacology (1) Patient type for humans (204) for animals (8) veterinary (6)

 zonated quantification of immunohistochemistry in normal and steatotic ...
Immunohistochemical stains (IHC) reveal differences between liver lobule zones in health and disease, including nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). However, such differences are difficult to accurately quantify. In NAFLD, the presence of lipid vacuoles from macrovesicular steatosis further hampers interpretation by pathologists. To resolve this, we applied a zonal image analysis method ...

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