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 automated pcr setup | perkinelmer
The chemagic ™ Prime ™ instrument is a fully automated solution offering hands-free sample transfer, DNA and RNA isolation, optional normalization, and PCR setup for research applications. This validated, single supplier solution offers high quality DNA and RNA which can be extracted from a variety of matrices. For research use only.

 automated nucleic acid extraction systems - aurora biomed
Aurora’s VERSA automated RNA extraction machine offers a fully automated solution to streamline magnetic beads based viral RNA extraction and PCR reaction setup. VERSA 10 and VERSA 1100 are compatible with most of the commercially available reagent kits as well as in-house developed chemistries.

 automated extraction for dna, rna, protein & cells
KingFisher automated extraction & purification system The most versatile benchtop automation in the lab for consistent extraction and purification of DNA, RNA, protein, and cells. The KingFisher system technology provides an efficient workflow solution. Multiple applications

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 extraction and pcr setup – masmec biomed
The same platform can automate all the phases of PCR, qPCR and RT-PCR setup, from preparing reaction mixes with reagents of different density, to dispensing. One or more cooling units can be installed to keep reagents or plates at desired temperature. The workstation is compatible with tubes, strips, and plates on custom adapters.

 automated dna extraction systems | biocompare
Robotic liquid handling technology in automated DNA extraction systems can streamline the tasks involved in isolating DNA or RNA from a sample, such as serial dilution and cherry-picking. These specialized instruments are well-suited for improving sample throughput and minimizing labor-intensive manual tasks, like pipetting and dispensing.

 bioperfectus - automatic systems for pcr laboratories
SAW Series, Walk-away Extraction Workstation SAW-96 automated acid extraction workstation is the latest powerful automatic instrument introduced to the international market by Bioperfectus.It is a high-throughput instrument that integrates sample loading, nucleic acid purification, and PCR setup in one instrument.

 automated rt-pcr set-up for covid-19 testing - integra
The use of INTEGRA’s low dead volume, SureFlo 10 ml reagent reservoirs, together with Low Retention GRIPTIPS, demonstrated excellent results, enabling efficient handling of the precious and expensive One-step RT-PCR Mastermix used for patient testing. Program 1: Add the Mastermix (1-COVID-19) Program 2: Add the nucleic acid template (2-COVID-19)

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