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 devyser thalassemia ngs
All bases covered Devyser Thalassemia NGS is a one-size-fits-all genetic sequencing test solution that robustly detects mutations related to thalassemia in a rapid process requiring less than 45 minutes of laboratory handling time.

 beta thalassemia kit- trupcr® - 3b blackbio
The kit is designed for in vitro diagnostics and provides qualitative detection. Key features: The kit detects 6 mutations – IVSI-1 (G>A), IVSI-6 (T>C), IVSII-1 (G>A), IVSI-110 (G>A),IVSII-745 (C>G) and sickle cell mutant in a single assay. Rapid and extremely accurate tests. Reliable and highly reproducible assay.

 511172: α-thalassemia, dna analysis | labcorp
α-Thalassemia (OMIM 141800) is the most common inherited disorder of hemoglobin (Hb) synthesis in the world, with gene frequencies varying between 1% and 98% throughout the tropics and subtropics. α-Thalassemia can occur in all ethnic groups but is more common in those of Southeast Asian descent.

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 athal - overview: alpha-globin gene analysis, varies
This test is not useful for diagnosis or confirmation of beta-thalassemia or hemoglobinopathies. Genetics Test Information This test is for genetic deletions and duplications only. Profile Information Reflex Tests Testing Algorithm

 frontiers | update in laboratory diagnosis of thalassemia
Thalassemic red blood cell analysis with an automated hematology analyzer is a primary screening for thalassemia since microcytosis and decreased Hb content of red blood cells are hallmarks of all thalassemic red blood cells.

 thalassemia gene detection kit from bgi recei | eurekalert!
The detection kit is developed based on the combinatorial probe-anchor synthesis sequencing method, a next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, to qualitatively detect α-thalassemia and β...

 evaluating the clinical utility of a long-read sequencing-based ...
A gap-PCR kit was used to detect common deletional α-thalassemia variants including – SEA, -α 3.7, and -α 4.2. A PCR-RDB kit for α-thalassemia was used to detect variants including HBA2 c.369C > G, HBA2 c.377T > C, and HBA2 c.427T > C.

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