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 real-time pcr reagents and kits - thermo fisher scientific
Resources. Get a master mix you can trust from a leader in qPCR. Optimized real-time PCR (qPCR) analysis enables sensitive and specific quantification of nucleic acids. Reagent selection plays a critical role in any qPCR or RT-qPCR protocol to help ensure optimal performance and reliable results.

 real-time pcr kits | qpcr enzymes & kits | qiagen
miRNA application. 27 Products found. QuantiTect Reverse Transcription Kit. For fast cDNA synthesis enabling sensitive real-time two-step RT-PCR for gene expression analysis. QuantiTect RT-PCR Kits. For one-step qRT-PCR using SYBR® Green I and one-step qRT-PCR and multiplex qRT-PCR using sequence-specific probes for gene expression analysis.

 pcr and real-time pcr kits | bio-rad
Real-Time PCR Kits. Educational Resources. Equipment. Educators, how may we help? Contact a Specialist. Teach PCR and real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) with these hands-on lab activities that engage students with real-world contexts.

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 real time pcr reagents and kits | thermo fisher scientific
Real Time PCR Reagents and Kits. A variety of reagents, controls, and kits (both Regulated and For Research Use Only) suitable for performing Real Time qPCR.

 one-step rt-qpcr kits - takara bio
Our One Step PrimeScript RT-PCR Kit (Perfect Real Time) passes these requirements with flying colors. This kit is available in both 100 and 500 reaction sizes. Oligonucleotides modified with a fluorophore (e.g., FAM) at the 5' end and quencher (e.g., TAMRA) at the 3' end are included in the reaction.

 sensifast™ real-time pcr kits | bioline | meridian bioscience
SensiFAST ™ Real-Time PCR Kits. Probe One-Step. SYBR ® One-Step. Genotyping. cDNA Synthesis. Reviews. Probe. SensiFAST™ Probe has been developed for fast qPCR and is designed for superior sensitivity and specificity with probe-detection technology, including TaqMan ®, molecular beacon and Scorpions ® probes.

 real-time pcr supermixes and kits | bio-rad
Our real-time PCR supermixes are designed for: Any instrument — universal reference dye is compatible with all qPCR platforms. Any chemistry — supermixes for SYBR Green or probe-based detection chemistry. Any conditions — our patented Sso7d fusion polymerase* guarantees superior qPCR performance under varying and/or challenging conditions.

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