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 large fragment analysis kits | agilent
Large Fragment Analysis Kits RUO The large fragment kits for the Fragment Analyzer systems are used for the automated quality and quantity analysis of large DNA fragments, smears, long-read NGS libraries, and single molecule sequencing. Easy analysis of DNA fragment sizing, quality, and concentration expedites decisions and improves workflow.

 kits and reagents for sanger sequencing and fragment analysis
Fragment analysis kit Fragment analysis techniques allow the development of multiple applications on the genetic analyzer. Overview of fragment analysis applications. We offer several kits for specific Applied Biosystems fragment analysis-based applications.

 small fragment and dna/ngs kits | agilent
The Small Fragment kit (p/n DNF-476-0500) is designed for sizing and quantification of dsDNA smears/fragments between 50 bp and 1,500 bp. Example applications include quality control of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) libraries or quantitative PCR fragment analysis. User Manuals English 04 Jul 2022 252.43 KB PDF

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 what is fragment analysis? | thermo fisher scientific - us
Fragment analysis is a genetic analysis method comprising a series of techniques in which DNA fragments are fluorescently labeled, separated by capillary electrophoresis (CE), and sized by comparison to an internal standard. CE-based genetic analyzers are capable of performing both Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis.

 rna kits | agilent
Agilent DNF-471 RNA Kit (15 nt) Quick Guide for Fragment Analyzer Systems This Quick Guide is intended for use with the Agilent 5200, 5300, and 5400 Fragment Analyzer systems only. This kit is designed to detect Total RNA within the range of 5 ng/μL to 500 ng/μL input sample concentration and IVT RNA in the range of 1 ng/ μL to 100ng/ μL

 parallel ce, ngs library qc, fragment analyzer | agilent
The Fragment Analyzer systems utilize automated parallel capillary electrophoresis to provide reliable quality control (QC) for nucleic acids. With its unique design and intuitive features, common QC bottlenecks are resolved by the automation of key steps such as gel loading and sample injection increasing lab efficiency. A broad range of kits are available allowing you to easily qualify and ...

 seqstudio genetic analyzer | thermo fisher scientific - us
The SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer is designed for both new and experienced users who need simple and affordable Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis, without compromising performance or quality. Innovative all-in-one cartridge Just load your samples, insert the cartridge, and go— no need for technical experts for set-up or maintenance

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