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 rna extraction & rt-pcr set-ups [covid-19] | integra
Program 1: Nucleic acid extraction set-up (1-NAE-Set-up) Program 2: RT-PCR set-up (2-RT-PCR-Set-up) Program 3: Sample transfer for storage (3-RNA-Sample-Storage) The mixing and aspiration heights are optimized to allow the tips to access and pipette the liquid in the presence of the swab.

 seegene starlet – seegene technologies
One-step process from nucleic acid extraction to PCR setup Seegene STARlet is an easy-to-use liquid handling workstation for handling primary sample tube to nucleic acid (NA) extraction and PCR setup. It provides a convenient process for your laboratory workflow by minimizing hands-on time and maximizing assay reliability. FDA EUA Assays

 labturbo™ fully automated dna/rna extraction systems
True walkaway automation: sample preparation+DNA/RNA extraction+liquid-handling (PCR setup) Membrane column and vacuum technology for the best sensitivity and cross-contamination prevention Suitable for various sample types and applications using the same system Complete Automation of DNA/RNA Extraction Procedure Complete Functions

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 seegene nimbus – seegene technologies
Nucleic Acid Extraction and PCR Setup Seegene provides validated protocols with the extraction options listed below. Amplification and Detection Seegene recommends using the following instruments for amplification and detection Contact Us

 automated dna extraction, normalization and pcr setup
PCR setup PCR setup is split into two major assays. The first assay is PCR mix preparation. The mix can either be prepared in exact amounts used during an assay, where volumes are calculated based upon the amount of samples, or it can be prepared in bulk for storage. Any PCR mix can be prepared.

 pcr prep starlet | automated liquid handling - hamilton company
PCR Prep Supports a Number of Methods to Provide Flexibility to Labs Across the United States: Download this Webpage as a Flyer to Share with Colleagues DOWNLOAD THE FLYER Additional Resources for the PCR Prep STARlet View the Hamilton Bioanalytical STARlet See the Hamilton ELISA STARlet Check out the Hamilton RT STARlet

 automated extraction for dna, rna, protein & cells
KingFisher instruments automate extraction of DNA, RNA, cells, and protein using biotinylated magnetic beads that capture targeted ligands. The result is a clean extraction and purification process yielding consistent results.

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