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 cardiovascular genomics | cardiac & cardiomyopathy gene ngs - illumina
Cardiovascular genetics for providers Read the benefits of cardiovascular disease genomics on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients. Get updated guidelines from leading professional medical societies. Is heart disease genetic? Learn how genetic testing can help your diagnosis, management, and treatment options. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

 genetic testing for inherited cardiovascular diseases: a scientific ...
The process of genetic testing differs from traditional laboratory-based testing in that it requires baseline competence in genetic knowledge and practice and typically benefits from interactions between providers and genetics professionals, that is, board-certified geneticists (or cardiovascular specialists with commensurate genetics experience) and genetic counselors. 1 Unless the main ...

 genomic discoveries at the heart of cardiovascular disease - nature
The AHA also highlighted 30 medically actionable genes related to cardiovascular diseases, from a list by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. 1 Even in patients who have a ...

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 establishment of specialized clinical cardiovascular genetics programs ...
Cardiovascular genetics is a rapidly evolving subspecialty within cardiovascular medicine, and its growth is attributed to advances in genome sequencing and genetic testing and the expanding understanding of the genetic basis of multiple cardiac conditions, including arrhythmias (channelopathies), heart failure (cardiomyopathies), lipid disorder...

 cardiovascular genetics in the european heart journal
The European Heart Journal ( EHJ) wants to attract high-class submissions dealing with genetic findings that help to improve the mechanistic understanding and the therapy of cardiovascular diseases. In charge of identifying such articles is a mini-team of experts on genetics, Heribert Schunkert, Sharlene Day, and Peter Schwartz.

 genomics of cardiovascular disease | nejm
Figure 1. Timeline of Genetic and Genomic Research in Cardiovascular Medicine. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Considerable progress has been made in the ...

 role of genetic testing in inherited cardiovascular disease: a review
Observations: Successfully incorporating genetic testing into clinical practice requires (1) recognizing when inherited cardiovascular disease may be present, (2) identifying appropriate individuals in the family for testing, (3) selecting the appropriate genetic test, (4) understanding the complexities of result interpretation, and (5) effectiv...

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