Omnia LH75



We are pleased to announce the availability of:

 OMNIA LH 75 - NLM code CA190

Latest generation instrumental platform for nucleic acid extraction and PCR setup

Following the scientific collaboration with the Italian company MasMec Biomed, the platform allows the extraction and automatic dispensing of DNA starting from whole blood samples in the individual amplification mixes (preparation of the plate).



Benchtop instrument
which adopts the magnetic beads technology (NLM code AA1319/48)
it allow the processing up to 24 samples simultaneously


Compatibility with KITs


Platform  Product category     Product
Real Time  Coagulation
automated version
  •  Factor II
  •  Factor V (g1691a)
  •  MTHFR (c677t)
  •  MTHFR (a1298c)
Reverse Dot Blot
on Strip
Cystic fibrosis
  •  Cystic fibrosis
  •  CF Del
  •  CF Plus 
Alpha Globin
  • Alpha Globin Test
Beta Globin
  • Beta Globin Test
  •  Beta Globin Plus Test 
Cardio Kit 
  •  Cardio Kit - 1
Thrombophilic disease kits 
  •  Cardio & Thrombo
  •  Screening test for Thrombophilic  disease
Celiac disease
  •  Celia-Type Strip Assay 

Download the available material with the technical features


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