Genetic Disorders


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Beta Globin Test, code AC091

Code: AC091

KIT Name: Beta Globin Test

Description: The device provides reagents for the identification of 25 mutations of beta-globin gene (HBB), involved in type beta thalassemia, through the amplification of the target sequences, reverse-hybridization and color development. Beta thalassemias are an heterogeneous group of hereditary autosomal recessive blood disorders resulting in variable phenotypes. They are caused by a reduced (beta +) or absent (beta 0) synthesis of the beta-globin chains of the hemoglobin tetramer, due to alterations in beta-globin gene (HBB) on chromosome 11. The majority of mutations are single nucleotide substitutions, deletions, or insertions of oligonucleotides leading to frameshift. Rarely, beta-thalassemia results from gross gene deletion.

Extraction: AA1001, AA340

Detection: RDB on Strip

Test: 20

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