Genetic Disorders


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Alpha Globin Test, code AC099

Code: AC099

KIT Name: Alpha Globin Test

Description: The device provides reagents for the identification of 22 alterations of alpha-globin gene, involved in alpha type thalassemia, through the amplification of the target sequences, reverse-hybridization and colour development. Alpha-thalassemia is one of the most common haemoglobinopathies in the world and it is caused by the absence or reduced synthesis of alpha-globin chains. Originally, α-thalassemias were only endemic in malarial regions. The presence on the short arm of chromosome 16 of two copies of alpha-globin genes per haploid genome makes the pathology of alpha-thalassemia far more complicated than that of beta-thalassemia.

Extraction: AA1001

Detection: RDB on Strip

Test: 10

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