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Factor V (G1691A) Real Time (FRET), cod. AA832

Cod. AA832

KIT Name: Factor V (G1691A) Real Time (FRET)

Description: The kit provides reagents for the genotyping of coagulation Factor V Leiden gene, which includes mutation G1691A, through the amplification of target sequences and melting curve analysis. A mutation G>A in position 1691 in the Factor V gene (FV Leiden – R506Q) occurs with high frequency (20-60%) in patients with thrombosis. In fact this mutation leads to increased procoagulant activity of activated factor V, resulting in predisposition to thrombosis. Other conditions that give predisposition to the disease are environmental factors (age, pregnancy, oral contraceptive etc.).

Corbett Research / Qiagen - RotorGene
BioRad - CFX96

Extraction: AA1001, AA898

Detection: Real Time

test: 50

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